Sunday, May 18, 2008

King John's Karma

I have just been arranging for the publication of my novel, "Me and King John," and I now am suddenly wondering whether I have chosen the right "take" on the much-maligned monarch. Using my "intuition"-- which the king, in the novelistic conceit I adopted in the book, always urges me to do -- I found that I was attributing all sorts of sadistic actions to him -- not all of which I could back up in the documentary records. On the other hand, those were cruel times -- a little later, the heroic Henry V, for instance, was well known for hanging all the inhabitants of towns that didn't surrender to him with sufficient promptness. It makes you wonder: was he called "evil King John" for some political reason, for example, because he offended the church? Or was he really such a bad guy?

I'm posting my first chapter on my website, so anyone interested can take a look at my imaginings.

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